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    About TBB Umpires

    Looking for a summer job?

    TBB has limited openings for anyone, 14 yrs and older, interested in working as an umpire.

    TBB leagues implement simplified rules at the younger ages to allow players an opportunity to learn the game and be successful. As each league increases in age, new rules are introduced. By the time players get to the Bronco league they are playing with full high school rules.

    This same philosophy benefits TBB umpires as well. All new umpires start out umpiring in the youngest TBB leagues so they can gain experience and confidence while applying a simplified set of rules. Coaches provide feedback after every game so the umpire knows what areas of the game they need to improve on to progress to the next level. Umpires with the most experience are selected to work in the upper age group leagues.

    Pay is scaled to match experience. Umpires with the most experience, that are working games in the upper age groups, which have the most complex rules, are paid a higher per game wage then new umpires working in the younger age groups. Likewise, umpires working games behind home plate are paid more than umpires working in the field.

    TBB provides preseason training and education so umpires learn proper positioning and techniques for becoming an effective umpire.

    If you have additional questions please contact the TBB umpire coordinator @

    Umpire Feedback

    Umpire Evaluation Reporting

    TBB Managers:

    Umpires look forward to hearing how they are doing. It is your feedback that helps to shape their progress as an umpire. Please take the time to provide constructive feedback on how they performed at your last game. The umpire coordinator always provides that feedback to each umpire as well as use the overall feedback to identify trends and/or concerns to improve the quality of the officials at each game.

    To download the Umpire Feedback form please click here and take a moment to give a fair assessment of your umpire(s) performance after each game. Thank you.

    Any other questions or concerns can be sent to