TBB uses the RainedOut system to alert parents, coaches and umpires when weather conditions force us to cancel games for that day. RainedOut allows our members to sign up and receive weather notifications via email or SMS text message to your mobile phone.

When weather events force us to cancel games for the day we will broadcast this notice to all TBB members that are signed up to receive the RainedOut alerts. As a general rule we will only send out notifications using RainedOut when all games are cancelled. However, there may be times when games are cancelled at one field but not others; or early games could be called off due to heat, while the evening games may still be played. We will send out notice in either of these events (and possibly others), so you will need to read the body of the message to fully understand what our instructions are. Please don't just assume your game is cancelled because you get a text or email from us using RainedOut.

There are two ways to sign up:

1) If you wish to receive texts only text TroyBaseballBoosters to 84483, or

2) Click the link below and follow the simple onscreen instructions to sign up to receive texts,email notifications, or both. After entering your validation code (Step 2) simply log out to return to Step 1 to register another phone number or email address if desired. TBB does not use Private Groups so you can ignore that step in the sign up process (Step 3).

Join Troy Baseball Boosters email/text alerts on RainedOut

If you prefer to not sign up to automatically receive the RainedOut alerts via email or text message you can also see the alerts which will automatically appear in the upper right corner on the home page of our website.