Red or Blue?

The Home Team wears RED and is listed first in the schedule. Away team wears BLUE.

Troy Baseball Boosters: Managers Corner

This page is designed to provide TBB managers with resources to help throughout the season. If you have suggestions for additional items that could be added to this page please send an email to:

Important Documents

Game Reschedule Process

The following comes directly from the TBB rules document, page 3.

1. It is the responsibility of BOTH managers to agree upon two mutually agreeable make-up dates.

2. The home team manager calls the respective league head and informs him/her of the rescheduling need and the desired makeup dates.

3. The league head will coordinate with the scheduler, select the make-up date, and inform both managers of the acceptable date, time and location.

4. During the season, teams have 7 days to give reschedule game dates to league heads. If not, then the league head will reschedule the game, with 48 hours notice given to the team managers.

If there is no mutual consent, the league head will notify both managers at least 48 hours prior to the rescheduled game.

Any rescheduled game not approved by the TBB scheduler will not count in the standings.

2018 League Heads

League Name Phone Email
Tee-Ball Don Harbin (248) 225-3717
Instructional Matt Ketels (248) 670-1457
Farm Rich Shelton (248) 321-3968
Rookie Bob Hegdal (313) 384-9659
Minor Jamie Muter (248) 379-9991
Major/Mustang Jamie Bennett (248) 505-5990
Pony Jeff Forman (248) 705-9500
Bronco Pete Davenport (248) 224-8271
Senior Jim Mason (248) 879-8467

Score Reporting

If you use this method to post your game scores and you see a message that says "there are no games available", then please go back and read the score reporting instructions email because you're not using the correct password. If you can't find the instructions then please send an email to and we will resend them to you.

Secure score reporting page: Enter Game Scores

Umpire Evaluation Reporting

TBB Managers:

Umpires look forward to hearing how they are doing. It is your feedback that helps to shape their progress as an umpire. Please take the time to provide constructive feedback on how they performed at your last game. The umpire coordinator always provides that feedback to each umpire as well as use the overall feedback to identify trends and/or concerns to improve the quality of the officials at each game.

To download the Umpire Feedback form please click here and take a moment to give a fair assessment of your umpire(s) performance after each game. Thank you.

Any other questions or concerns can be sent to

Manager / Umpire Information

Click here for document outlining expectations of our Managers and Umpires before, during and after games.

Practice Fields

Reserved practice fields for 2018 are listed in the document linked below. Currently open timeslots are highlighted in green. As always, games take precedence over all practice timeslots on all fields. If you would like to reserve additional practice time for your team send an email to Matt Ketels at

Click here for 2018 Practice Field info. (Updated 7:40 am, May 17)

Indoor Training Facilities