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Troy Baseball Boosters: Lost & Found
Posted May 20, 2014

If you have lost an item or found an item please send an email to as described below.

Email Subject:  In the subject line specify if the item was lost or found with a simple one word subject.
Either the word LOST or the word FOUND. Nothing else.

In the body of the email include the following:

ITEM DESCRIPTION:  describe the item and be as specific as possible
LOCATION LOST/FOUND:  park or field where the item was lost/found
CONTACT NAME:  name of person to contact regarding the item
CONTACT INFO:   phone number or email address where you can be contacted about the item

We will post items to this page as we receive the emails.

  • Lost

    Posted July 24, 2018

    ITEM DESCRIPTION:  Metal frame eye glasses
    CONTACT NAME:  Dale Pickett
    CONTACT INFO: (248) 566-3225

  • Lost

    Posted July 21, 2018

    ITEM DESCRIPTION:  Old A2 baseball glove
    LOCATION LOST/FOUND: Either Troy High or Athens
    CONTACT NAME:  Kerry Eldridge
    CONTACT INFO: (248) 525-1694 or

  • Lost

    Posted June 18, 2018

    ITEM DESCRIPTION:  Blue Patagonia fleece, 3 or 4t
    LOCATION LOST/FOUND: Flynn Park, field 4, 6-16
    CONTACT NAME:  Katie Roco
    CONTACT INFO: (248) 396-9878 or