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Hello TBB Families -

As you consider options for 2020, we wanted to help you make the right decision for your young baseball player(s). Based on input from TBB families, we are offering several programs that allow kids to play with and against friends in Troy while simultaneously developing as players.

  • TBB Regular Season - 12 to 14 game regular-season games, plus discounted off-season clinics at local training centers. Registration begins in December of 2019.
  • TBB Stars Tournament Teams - fee includes 12 to 14 regular-season games with your TBB team, plus 2 to 3 Tournaments with the TBB Stars team. Also includes off-season training and custom TBB Stars uniform and gear. Tryouts in late July or early August of this year.
  • Premier 10U Division - fee includes 18-game season, 12 against Premier teams and 6 against TBB division teams. Also includes off-season training and custom uniform and gear. Tryouts are August 5 or late July for those unable to make the August 5 date. Contact the Premier league for a July tryout date.
  • Pony/Bronco - includes inter-city games against Clawson, Pleasant Ridge, Madison Heights.
  • NOBF Division - TBB is considering creating regional travel teams to represent TBB above the 12U level. Details to come.

Some thoughts as you plan for next year:

  • For ages 7-8, coming from Instructional, we suggest staying in Farm.
  • Ages 8-9, coming from Farm, we recommend moving into the Rookie-Minor Division (with kid-coach pitch) and, if extra practice is desired, attending discounted clinics this winter. Optionally, players can try out for the TBB Stars 10U Tournament Team or the Premier 10U Division.
  • Once your player reaches age 11 and beyond, TBB Stars Tournament teams are a great choice for added development opportunities and competition.

See the linked FAQs (parents) (coaches), and the grid below should you still have questions (also available on the troybaseballbosters.com Web site).

This array of options will allow parents to help their kids progress as players, from the basics through next-level baseball -- without spending $2,000-plus per year from ages 9-14, and with the community feel, chance to play with friends, and convenience of local games you now enjoy with TBB.

As always, if you have questions, please contact us at tbbcontact@hotmail.com.

We want the very best for all our Troy kids, and we appreciate you playing in TBB!

TBB Board of Directors